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Who We Are:

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A letter from our Founder:
When I was a child, the 2 greatest influences in my life were my grandfather Samuel R DeCory and my uncle Jack DeCory, both were great Lakota men who had their roots formed on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. Sam was a carpenter and a skilled craftsman, who worked with his hands daily creating amazing pieces of furniture, which he gave away. More than the skills and tools he handed down to me, the integrity and character are those I value most. The man I am today is because of his selfless acts of kindness and giving. My uncle Jack was the greatest musician (guitarist) I have ever known. He could have traveled the world with his skills (which he did when he was younger) but decided to plant roots in his hometown giving music and art lessons for over 35 years to anyone who was hungry to learn. Both of these DeCory men, my ancestors, are the reason for the creation of “Jewelry by DeCory”.

Founder and Jewelry Maker Doug Napier

Most jewelry sold in the US is actually mass produced in large overseas factories. At Jewelry by DeCory we actually design and produce every single one of our creations locally, and our designs are meant to represent aspects of the beautiful Black Hills area in which we live. We want our customers to be proud of the jewelry they wear and support local craftsmen and women with a living wage at the same time.

Jewelry by DeCory is not only a designer and manufacturer of high quality, American made jewelry, but also a paradigm shifting center for training and innovation. Jewelry by DeCory currently makes many custom designs for customers all over the country, as well as all types of production jewelry; from pendants and earrings, to rings and more. All products are designed by our team in Rapid City, South Dakota, and manufactured at the same facility. There is a need in the jewelry industry both nationally and regionally to provide quality, made in the USA jewelry, and all of us at Jewelry by DeCory are positioning ourselves to fill this need. 

American Made products are becoming harder and harder to find for the simple fact that cost-cutting and price points have driven many manufacturers out of business, or out of the country. Today, there is a shift in the market, and the customers are not as concerned with less expensive product, but more interested in responsible sourcing of materials and even more importantly, people.  We want to create a world class facility that not only creates quality jewelry, but also quality jewelers, giving people the skills, both in their jobs and in their lives, to tackle their future.

Our vision is to grow a local, Area-focused Jewelry Manufacturing Company that will highlight the beauty of the Lakota people, and the area in which we live, as well as bringing jobs to the area focusing on handing down the trade of jewelry making to local people. 

Our focus will be to build our company by seeking fresh young creative people from the area, train them, and give them a viable career path for their future, while fine-tuning their artistic passions and giving them foundational life skills to move forward in life. We will make a push to find young Lakota artists whenever possible.

Our passion is to Educate, Equip, and Encourage others to grow in their pursuit of jewelry making, and in life, as well as educate our customers through fresh new designed story-based jewelry designs and marketing.

We are looking for partners who are dedicated to responsible practices in manufacturing, as well as promoting the way workers are developed and molded. Our long-term goal is to create a Regional Trade Center, to equip all artists in the craft of jewelry making.

Jewelry Store/ Studio: Located downtown Rapid City, SD.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The pendant is just beautiful and the seller was gentle and listened what I was looking for and then he did all to meet my expectations. Really happy with the result!!!!

—Anaid Pérez Silva

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Doug’s work is excellent. Shipping was super quick. I will always go to him for my jewelry needs

—Sean O’Bryan

Jewelry By DeCory

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