The Bow and Arrow Men and Women’s Collection Set


2 Pendants Men’s and Women’s


Joseph M Marshall III beautifully described the bow and arrow in his book “The Lakota Way” as “in balance and symmetry is beauty and strength. There are many ways to describe it, to give it an image but I prefer most the story with a bow and arrow which was often at a heart of marriage ceremonies in the old days. A very old man perform the ceremony in those days and he talked to all the people who gathered. In his hands he would hold the bow and arrow, explaining that the bow without the arrow is of no use, likewise for the arrow. If a bow is seen alone one wonders where the arrow is. The same is true of the arrow because one without the other is not balance, but the relationship of the bow and arrow is more than togetherness. In order for them to be effective the arrow must fly true, and to do that it must be perfectly straight, yet no matter how straight the arrow can fly it can’t reach the target unless the bow is strong. One cannot fulfill its purpose without the other.”

This was the inspiration in making the Bow and Arrow, beauty and strength and a need for one another.

Set in Sterling Silver.


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