Jewelry by DeCory

Studio Classes

These classes are a blast for me. I get to work with students one on one, or in small groups and in 2-4 hours together we can work on, and finish a project. You get to leave with the skills I teach, and a finished piece of jewelry. I supply all the tools and supplies needed. So if you happen to be in the area, schedule a class from the schedule, or some one on one time to work on specific tasks you wish to master.

I will come along side you and guide you in the craft of jewelry making, and before you know it, you will be able to catch those dreams you had some time ago, that have slowly slipped away.

I want to tell you right now, don’t give up, and DO NOT QUIT, I am here for you, I can Guide you, and WE CAN DO THIS Together……


Bezel Creation

We start with a stone of your choice, or I have some pre-selected stones. Learn to create a Bezel for the stone, soldering it together, and set the stone in the bezel. This class covers Layout, Cutting, Measuring, Soldering, Cleaning up scratches and file marks, and Stone Setting.
$125.00 – 4 hour course

Copper Pendant Creation

This workshop starts with a sheet of copper and we will texture, saw, and form the metal into a large medallion pendant that will hold either a stone of yours, or I will provide a stone for the project. In a few short hours you will create a finished piece of one of a kind, wearable jewelry.
$100.00 – 3 hour course

Sawing and Layout Techniques

Many people have their favorite shapes, animals, designs, etc. Together we will learn to Transfer Design to Metal, Texture, Pierce, Saw, File, Sand, and Polish copper, silver, and/or brass. When you are finished, you will have a pendant or pin you can wear home.
$75 – 2 hour course

Earring Making

Start with sterling silver sheet, wire, and earring posts. Learn Texturing, Filing, Forming, Soldering, and Polishing to create your own custom made dangle earrings that you can wear home.
$100.00 – 3 hour course

Spinner Ring Project

Spinner Rings are the original Fidget Spinners, for your fingers. I will show you the skills you need to create your own Spinner Ring, In this class, we will Learn Sawing, Soldering, Sanding, Metal Forming, and texturing, to create a “Spinner Ring”
$75.00 – 2 hour course

Ring Band Making

Start with a piece of rectangle shank material and Learn Metal Forming, Sizing, Texturing, Soldering, Filing, Sanding, and Polishing. When we are done, you will have a Sterling Silver Band that you created, that you can wear home.
$75 – 2 hour course

Ring Sizing Techniques

The thing with peoples ring jewelry, is they either hand them to others, decide to wear them on other fingers, or their fingers change size over time, so they sit it their jewelry box. We will Learn how to measure your finger, then Size a Ring Up and Down, then File, Sand, and Polish. I will teach you the skills needed to accomplish these tasks, Then, bring as many rings as you wish, and we will work on as many as we can in a 2 hour period.
$75 – 2 hour course

Open Class: (Daily 9am – 12pm) $45 per hr course (Discounts available)

Specific One-on-One Class Time, working on projects the student wants to learn.

Bench Rental Time: (contact Doug for available times) $30 per hour course

We offer a variety of classes:

  • 2 and 3 Hour Specific Group Skill Classes
  • 4-Day Group Skill Courses
  • Half and Full Day, Drop-in Specialty Workshops (By Appointment)
  • Open Training, One-on-One Specialized Coaching/Training ($45 per hour)
  • Bench Space for rent by the hour. ($30 per hour)

Each class is specifically designed to focus on a certain technique or discipline within jewelry making.

2 and 3 Hour Specific Group Skill Classes: are stand-alone, project-oriented classes designed to introduce metalsmithing and other jewelry making processes to the students.

Multiple Day Group Skill Courses: focus on mastering the fundamentals of metalsmithing, and other jewelry making processes, and are designed to continually build on skills learned in previous courses.

Half and Full Day Workshops: vary by theme and/or skill and may take an entire day, or only a few hours, to complete. These Classes are designed around the Students preferences and are by appointment only.

Open Training Classes: vary by skill level and tasks wanting to learn. These courses are by daily (10am-12pm) or by appointment and are based on a $45 hourly rate.

Bench Space for rent by the hour: ($30 per hour) when space is available.

Guest Training Classes: will be coming soon and will vary, so be sure to check our calendar for details and pricing.

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